What Happened to Evie on Manifest?

July 30, 2023

In the first season of Manifest, viewers were introduced to a lot of characters that died, and not everyone was given a reason why they passed away. However, one of the most tragic deaths on Manifest was that of Evie Markes. The character debuted in Episode 3 of the series and was killed in a car accident. Since then, fans have been wondering what happened to evie on manifest and how her death was tied into the storyline of the show.

In Episode 3, Evie and Michaela got into a minor argument after a night of partying and became drunk. The two had a little spat over whether it was smarter to take Evie’s car or call an Uber to get home. In the end, Michaela offered to drop Evie home, and they ended up getting into a deadly car accident that killed her.

Evie’s parents Glen and Beverly were traumatized by her death, and they blame Michaela for it. Michaela tries to contact Beverly in later episodes of the season, but she has developed Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember Evie.

In Manifest Season 4, Part 2, a Calling leads Michaela back to Carlos (Mateo Ferro), who she last saw in Season 1. The two rekindle their bond and have a heart-to-heart talk. Michaela also takes a page out of Evie’s book and heads up to the roof, writes down her problems, ties them to a balloon, and lets it fly away.


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