What Happened to Fedez? He's Not on Instagram Anymore

July 11, 2023

What happened to fedez: he’s not on Instagram anymore

Mille fame rapper Fedez Malattia shared some sad news recently stating that he will be away from his social media handles for some time as he will be going on medical treatment. The Italian rapper is suffering from some health issues he did not disclose the name of which but fans are worried about him as they think he might have Demyelination which he had mentioned earlier.

The Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni also came out in support of her husband Fedez and showed her love to him. The couple are one of the most followed and commented on couples on Instagram. They have been married for over four years and are parents to two children.

Recently, the pair took part in a call with their supporters to talk about different issues that they faced in their personal life and how they are overcoming it. They spoke about how they were attacked by some people for what they do in their profession and for what they believe in. They also talked about how they are fighting back against the negative things that are happening around them.

They also addressed the issue of censorship by Rai and said that they will not stop their fight against it. They said that they will fight for their rights to freedom of speech and that they will not let anyone censor them. They also said that they will never compromise on their values or ethics.


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