What Happened to Fetty Wap Eye?

March 21, 2024

Since releasing his first single "Trap Queen" in 2014, Fetty Wap has become a household name. The New Jersey rapper has earned acclaim from all over the world and gained fans from every walk of life, including Rihanna and Jay Z. However, his story isn't without its struggles, which has taken a toll on his music and personal life.

Despite this, Fetty has maintained his tenacity and is working towards creating even more bangers in the future. He has been able to do this while in jail and is keeping his spirits high by working out. He also has a group of friends like Coi Leray and 50 Cent checking in on him and showing him love, which keeps his morale up.

While some may find his one eye a physical handicap, the rapper says that it is something that makes him unique. He has embraced it and even gone so far as to say that he is probably the only person to come into the hip-hop game with just one eye. He goes on to say that he used to wear a prosthetic eye but got rid of it when he was a teenager because he became comfortable with his disability.

As for how he lost his eye, the rapper was able to keep it a secret until early 2015 when he went on Shade 45 and revealed that he lost his left eye because of an accident that had serious consequences. He went on to explain that he was in an accident when he was a child and it caused him to lose his eye because of congenital glaucoma.


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