What Happened to Filthy Frank?

October 23, 2023

Filthy frank was a weird youtuber who did disgusting things like wearing a pink morph, walking through the streets of New York scaring people, or eating cake made with his own hair. His videos were funny and entertaining to watch. He popularized the Harlem shake and other strange dances. In 2014, he started the channel TVfilthyfrank and gained millions of subscribers. He also created a second channel called DizaztaMusic and did some musical stuff. However, he decided to quit youtube in 2017 as it was no longer fun for him. He stated that he wanted to pursue music as a career.

He went on to say that he had suffered health issues and it was no longer enjoyable for him to make videos. He was also worried about his online privacy, deleting multiple videos that included his real name or location. He is now pursuing a music career under the moniker Joji.

Joji is a musician with a style that is a fusion of R&B and lo-fi. He has millions of fans who listen to his music on Spotify. It is hard to believe that the same person who used to create grotesque and offensive YouTube content is now a talented musician.

Joji has had many ups and downs in his career as a youtuber. He has had controversies that have almost put him out of business. Some of his controversies include using the n-word in one of his songs, a video where he is seen shooting and killing drones and a video where he claims that he was born at least 400,000 chromosomes ago.


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