What Happened to Forty in You As a Child (Movie Review)

March 7, 2023

what happened to forty in you as a child

What happened to forty in you as a child

Forty Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was an alcoholic and drug addict who was in a coma when he was 13. He was sexually abused by his 19-year-old au pair when he was 13, and he thinks that his parents made the crime look like a suicide to protect him from the pain and guilt he felt.

He’s been living with this trauma ever since and it shows in his impulsive behaviour and apathy towards others. He also struggles with his weight and his sexuality.

What happens when Forty reopens his past?

After reading The Dark Face of Love, by Guinevere Beck – Joe’s victim from season one – Forty suspects that her ex killed her and framed Dr. Nicky, but he can’t prove it.

Until Joe’s ex Candace (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) tells him the truth.

As he continues to research the case, Forty finds out that the boyfriend Beck wrote about was not her actual lover – and that she murdered him in a crime of passion. He realises that it’s a crime that no one has ever solved, and this leads him to believe that Joe is the killer.

This is what leads to Forty’s death in the Season 2 finale, when he tries to reveal this secret to his sister Love Quinn. The attempt to save her life is futile and he is shot by Officer David Fincher, Joe’s neighbor Ellie and Delilah’s police officer buddy.


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