What Happened to Frankie in Workin Moms?

March 7, 2023

what happened to frankie in workin moms

What happened to frankie in workin moms

The irreverent Canadian sitcom follows four moms as they navigate life in modern-day Toronto. From negotiating childcare to dealing with postpartum depression, the women face the challenges of being moms in an office setting.

Kate, Anne, Jenny and Frankie are all trying to juggle their roles as moms while navigating the complications of their jobs. With the help of their friends, they’re working through their issues and trying to find some stability.

Juno Rinaldi, who played Frankie on Workin’ Moms, has recently left the show to focus on other projects. Her decision should hopefully pay off as she pursues her career.

Previously, she played April in the hit series Y: The Last Man. She also hosted a web series called My Special Guest, which should be another great opportunity for her.

She was nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance on Workin’ Moms.

Her character is a big-hearted, unconventional woman with no filter, who can be both off-putting and endearing all at once. She was a perfect fit for the role of Frankie.

While Frankie’s departure from Workin’ Moms has caused some controversy, she seems to have remained amicable about it. She posted an Instagram about her departure in October, revealing that she had no problem leaving the show.

It’s unclear why she chose to leave the show, but it looks like she had no regrets. Her character was a huge part of the show’s success, and she’ll be missed.


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