What Happened to Frankie on Wentworth Season 3

August 23, 2023

What happened to frankie on wentworth

After a brutal attack from female inmate Karen Travers, Franky is put back into Wentworth prison. She is sentenced to seven years for burning a reality TV show host with hot oil, a crime that went viral and earned her a huge following. Known for her big colorful sleeve tattoo of a rising phoenix, Frankie is not one to give up easily. She has risen from the ashes on many occasions throughout the series and her fandom has only grown.

In season 3, Franky is granted parole and she uses her time to help people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. But her life starts to unravel again when the man she assaulted, Mike Pennisi, reappears in her life and tries to frame her for murder.

Franky tries to prove her innocence by finding evidence in Vera’s home and also by getting Shayne Butler, who is a Legal Aid client, to testify on her behalf. But the plan comes to a crashing halt when Ferguson takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Shayne, who is due to give evidence at a trial.

Nicole da Silva, who plays the role of frankie, is a talented actress with a wide range of acting credits to her name. She first rose to fame in the Australian drama Rush, where she played bisexual police officer Stella Dagostino. She has been nominated for several acting awards and she is the mother of a young daughter.


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