What Happened to Fred Astaire Jr?

March 22, 2024

Fred Astaire was a genius who changed the face of movie musical dance and even made a name for himself in dramatic roles. He was also a good singer and actor who was very well liked by audiences and was a family man. But he was also an acrobat who performed a series of complicated leaps that required tremendous technique, strength and stamina. He had a sister, Idalene, who toured with him and became a star in her own right. She was a beautiful and talented dancer and I have never seen a photograph of her that does not show her in some type of beaded gown or covered in flying ostrich feathers.

Nick was a great dancer, too. He was very handsome and had a boyish face that appealed to the public. He was very skilled at the acrobatics of his dancing and he did many synchronized routines with other dancers in shows and on the screen. He was very popular on the Broadway stage and he appeared in over 30 musicals during his career.

In this film, he dances with a chorus of six showgirls and does his signature jumps over their backs. In one sequence he flies through the air like Superman and lands in a net off camera. I would have loved to have seen more of Nick’s dance work, but it was not to be. He did a few more musicals but his career in Hollywood was done after Broadway Melody.


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