What Happened to Fred Lewis on Gold Rush This Season?

July 29, 2023

If you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s hit reality show Gold Rush, you know how exciting it is to watch the miners scour forests and streams for the golden nugget. But not all the cast members are fans’ favorites. Some are polarizing, while others just seem to be on the wrong side of the law. Fred Lewis is one of those miner’s that’s not quite winning over the Gold Rush fan base. In the past, he’s made some serious mistakes that have frustrated many viewers.

So what happened to fred lewis on gold rush this season?

According to People, Fred Lewis joined the Gold Rush cast in 2019. He’s a former Green Beret medic who served in the army for 14 years. Since he joined the show, he has struggled to adapt to civilian life.

Despite his military experience, Fred has not done well mining on the show. He’s had some big missteps, such as letting an inexperienced crew member drive a rock truck, which led to a huge crash. He also borrowed a machine from the Clayton brothers and almost immediately broke it, leading to an argument with them.

Fortunately, Fred seems to be getting back on track this season. He’s working with the Dawson Boys and hopes to reclaim their claim at California Creek. But first, the snow and ice have to break up so the ferry can take them across the Yukon River. Without this, it will be impossible for them to get to their claims.


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