What Happened To Freddy On The Wizard?

September 10, 2023

What Happened To Freddy On The Wizard

When the crew of the Wizard came upon a dead walrus floating in the Bering Sea, it seemed like the perfect time for them to take advantage of the trophy that is a walrus tusk. These tusks can be worth thousdands of dollars and the crew had to get them. Deckhand Freddy, however, decided to go a step further than anyone else. He jumped in the freezing Alaskan waters to fetch the prize.

As one of the most memorable and rambunctious members of the Wizard’s crew, it was hard to forget the wild things that this Samoan stud could do. From the cod blood bath ritual at the season’s start to the Mohawk haircuts he gave to his greenhorns, Freddy always brought a fun vibe to the crew. He also had a good work ethic and got along well with the rest of the crew, including Captain Keith and Monte Colburn.

While he did make some waves with his abrasive demeanor, the deckhand was generally a positive force on the boat and had a solid standing with the two captains. However, his presence on the show was put into question when he got fired in 2011 for refusing to follow Monte’s orders. He returned to the show in season 14 after Monte and he agreed to keep their differences at bay.

While it’s hard to say what happened to freddy on the wizard, we do know that he is still working as a fisherman. His Instagram account shows him spending some time in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.


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