What Happened to Gabi Butler and Kollin?

July 12, 2023

Gabi Butler is one of the most recognizable cheerleaders in the world. She has competed in numerous competitions and won several medals. Her combination of talent, hard work, and charisma has led to her gaining fame throughout the sport and beyond. She has made appearances on a few television shows and social media platforms.

Her most recent appearance was on the Netflix series Cheer, which follows a group of college cheerleaders as they prepare for their national championships. The show’s success has led to Gabi’s popularity and recognition skyrocketing. However, her first claim to fame outside of the tight-knit cheer community came before that when she was a regular on the YouTube show Cheerleaders, produced by AwesomenessTV. She appeared as a member of the Cali All Stars team, Smoed (a portmanteau of Small and Coed) between 2012 and 2014.

What Happened to Gabi Butler and Kollin?

Gabi Butler was once in a relationship with her cheerleader boyfriend, Kollin Mark Cockrell. The couple had a lot of fans who cared for them and loved seeing them together. Unfortunately, it seems that the two have broken up. Although neither has confirmed the news, Gabi’s recent Instagram posts indicate that she is no longer dating Cockrell. In fact, it looks like she is now with another cheerleader named Ricky Nunn. The two have been posting photos and videos of themselves cheering and performing together.


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