What Happened to Gas Monkey Garage?

March 11, 2024

If you're a car fan and have been watching reality TV shows you will have definitely come across the popular show fast n loud. The show follows a group of talented mechanics and fabricators at gas monkey garage who refurbish and transform old cars into slick hot rods for the world to see.

Since the show's premiere, fans have engulfed themselves in the overhauling processes perfectly depicted by the crew. However, the garage has not been without its own share of controversy and some of the cast members have moved on from the series.

One of the most notable departures from the show was that of Sue, a fabricator and upholstery specialist who appeared in several episodes of the series. Her departure was sudden and fans were left wondering what happened to her. It was later revealed that she had been passed over for a higher position within the company.

Other cast members have also left the show including Aaron Kaufman, who was a favourite for many viewers of the show. He was the show's star mechanic, and he would travel with Rawlings to race cars in various events. He has cited strict deadlines and time-consuming builds as the main reasons for his departure from Gas Monkey Garage.


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