What Happened To General Butch?

July 29, 2023

The renowned animator, known as General Butch or iGeneralButchi, has been missing from the r34 animation scene for a while now. Whether it be because he pissed someone off and got doxxed or because he decided to quit making porn, he is gone for now. However, the community still holds a lot of respect for him and hopes that he returns one day to make more high quality videos.

What Happened To General Butch

Several reports have surfaced that the famous animator is back on Twitter. Many people are happy to see him return, while others are concerned that he might be reverting back to his old ways. The reason for this is that he has been accused of plagiarizing other artist’s work. He allegedly charges 200 dollars for commissions to re-trace other artists’ better art and present it as his own.

General Butch is a legend in the world of Nickelodeon cartoons. He created some of the network’s most popular shows, including The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy and Bunsen is a Beast. He also wrote the US dub of Doogal, which is one of the longest-running Nicktoons to date.

He is a well-known artist, but he has been accused of plagiarism by a Japanese artist who goes by the name of NakanoArt. The accusation has been made on Twitter, where NakanoArt has posted pictures of her work alongside the originals. Despite this, General Butch is not responding to the accusations.


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