What Happened to Grant Stinchfield?

October 20, 2023

Few news fans are more devoted to their TV personalities than those who regularly watch the conservative news channel Newsmax. So when Grant Stinchfield disappeared from the network’s 8 pm weekday schedule, it was understandably troubling to many viewers. In fact, some were worried that the host had left the network altogether. However, it turns out that he has simply been demoted to a different time slot.

Stinchfield’s new time slot is on the weekend. The network has also announced that former Fox News host Eric Bolling will fill in during the weekday shows in Stinchfield’s place. Bolling is six years older than Stinchfield and is a controversial character in his own right.

According to Stinchfield, he decided to take up trucking as a career because it was “a way to make money that allowed me to pursue my passion.” He began his trucking journey by reporting on jack-knifed trucks and other traffic problems. Soon, he started his own long-haul trucking company, GPS LineHaul. He now owns a fleet of 10 Kenworth trucks.

While many truckers are concerned about the political climate in Washington, including concerns over jack-knifed trucks, the majority of drivers surveyed by CCJ say that their biggest concern is fuel prices. Other major concerns include driver pay and liability insurance. Despite these concerns, most truckers are optimistic about the future of the industry. This is especially true for those in the specialized segment of the trucking industry, such as those who drive autonomous vehicles.


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