What Happened to Greta Van Susteren?

October 11, 2023

Greta Van Susteren became a fixture on national cable news as a legal analyst during CNN's coverage of the OJ Simpson murder trial, then went on to host two shows on the network. She was part of the group of edgy TV news personalities who helped redefine the genre.

Her Fox show, For the Record with Greta Van Susteren, launched in 2002. She built a following through her ability to delves into hot topics, with her interviews of high-profile guests ranging from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin to Henry Kissinger.

But in a career that lasted fourteen years, her ratings started to decline and she was dropped from the schedule. It was clear her show didn't fit in with the network's agenda.

The decision was made to replace her with Brit Hume. But it was a shock when Van Susteren herself announced her departure in the form of a live video post on her Facebook page.

She cited a "financial disagreement" in the statement but sources have told New York magazine that's not exactly true. They say she hoped to renegotiate her contract and wanted a big bump in pay. But Fox executives refused, so she used a clause in her deal to leave. Her departure comes after Roger Ailes was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. She has publicly defended Ailes but in private she was unhappy and uncomfortable, the sources tell NY. She had a feeling things weren't going to get better.


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