What Happened to Greta Van Susteren's Face?

September 10, 2023

Greta Van Susteren has been busy with her new job at MSNBC, but the former Fox News host has also been working on her appearance. Her eye look has gotten a major boost, and she's rocking a shorter layered haircut that is pretty darn cute. She has also undergone an eye lift and Botox treatment, and her new look is getting attention from people around the world.

It's not a secret that the TV business puts unfair demands on women about their appearance. But many people are wondering why a smart lawyer who made her name analyzing the OJ Simpson trial would sell out to the television-news sex machine and get herself all refreshed up for work, anyway?

Van Susteren joined MSNBC in January of 2017, and her show For the Record has been doing well for the cable network. Her numbers have been up 59 percent in total viewers and 74 percent in the important demo since she took over the 6pm slot. But the network has now decided to part ways, and her show will be replaced by chief legal analyst Ari Melber. Despite her strong performance, executives decided to let Van Susteren go to focus on expanding the network's prime time lineup, with Megyn Kelly signing up for a new long-term contract.


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