What Happened to Gus Smyrnios on Floribama Shore?

July 29, 2023

If you’re a fan of MTV reality shows, then you’ve probably heard of Gus Smyrnios. The star of Floribama Shore is an actor, model, fitness trainer, and brand ambassador for Fit Strong Supplements. He’s also known for his swoon-worthy good looks and his knack for getting women to devote their lives to him. However, there were a few times on the show that fans couldn’t help but notice that he had a scar on his face.

As you watch this season of Floribama Shore, it’s clear that Gus is still working on his relationships with his roommates. He and Jeremiah Buoni have fought, argued, and bickered like crazy but it seems like the two are ready to put their beef behind them. In one of the recent episodes, the pair were seen in a hot tub drinking beer and talking about their feud.

The thing that fans were most excited about, though, was when Gus showed up for the green-room interviews with a big scar on his face. Many viewers noticed the scar and questioned how the cast member got it. Luckily, Gus addressed the situation on his Instagram and explained that the scar was there before he started filming. He also noted that it may have been edited out of the premiere episode.

In addition to his work, Gus is also a student at Santa Fe College. He’s working towards his associate degree in criminal justice and plans to continue his education at some point in the future.


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