What Happened to Hardcore Pawn?

October 20, 2023

If you were a fan of the popular cable show Hardcore Pawn, you probably have a few questions. Fortunately, the original cast members are still involved in the pawn business and can answer any of your queries.

Les Gold, the star of the hit series, continues to run his Detroit-based American Jewelry and Loan pawn shop with his daughter Ashley and son Seth. He and his family are also involved in charitable endeavors in the community, including hosting auctions for Wigs for Kids and working with Detroit-area schools such as Jalen Rose Leadership Academy and academic work-prep program Winning Futures.

Although a lot has changed since Hardcore Pawn wrapped production in 2015, some of the cast members have maintained a presence on social media. For instance, Ashley Gold recently shared a selfie that has fans marveling at how she looks worlds away from her television persona.

In addition to running the pawn shop, Ashley has started her own luxury jewelry company online. She also regularly shares smiley selfies of herself modeling her merchandise.

Another former Hardcore Pawn cast member, Bobby Janiec, has continued to post in various social media that he feels he was taken advantage of by store owner Les. In fact, he has even claimed that he was fired from the pawn shop after a security incident that aired in season six.

The only other former cast member to maintain a presence on social media is Rich Pyle, who appeared on the show as a customer in 2012. He was hired for his expertise in firearms and musical instruments and has maintained that role since leaving the pawn shop in 2014. His appearances on TikTok have also garnered him a large following.


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