What Happened to Hazel E Mommy Makeover?

July 12, 2023

What Happened to hazel e mommy makeover

Rapper and reality star Hazel-E recently gave fans an update on the complications she experienced during a “mommy makeover” surgery that she claims was botched in Turkey. The Love and Hip Hop star travelled to the country with her husband, De’Von Waller and their daughter to get cosmetic surgery and has claimed she suffered serious health problems as a result.

In a series of tear-filled videos, the rapper says she was hit with a serious infection following the surgery at a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and she had to have her breast implants removed. She also claims she had to be transferred from one hospital to another for hydration and says she almost died during the complications.

Hazel-E has since made the difficult decision to lay off cosmetic surgery altogether. The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star has posted a video on Instagram where she explains that the procedure nearly killed her and says she is done getting work done.

Her husband, who filmed the emotional video with her, chimed in on the story and told his wife that he is very proud of her and is happy that she has found such a strength and courage to give up on the surgery. He also promised that he would not let her back down and says he loves her more than anything. As for the future, Hazel-E says she is determined to take her life back and will start working on her fitness. We wish her and her family the best.


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