What Happened to Herbie Salt n Pepa?

July 29, 2023

When Salt-N-Pepa exploded onto the scene in 1985, they were the first female hip-hop duo to achieve mainstream success. Their debut album, Hot, Cool and Vicious, was a huge hit, selling over a million copies in the United States alone. It was produced by Hurby Azor, a Haitian-American music producer who had worked with other groups, including Kid n Play and Rob Base.

Azor was instrumental in the group’s rise to fame, and he also helped to write some of their early hits. He later went on to produce a number of other artists, such as Sweet Tee and Dana Dane. He also made the movie Salt n Pepa, which was based on the group’s story.

After the film’s release, Salt-N-Pepa split up and embarked on their first solo projects. They released a greatest hits album in 1999, but the pair never managed to make a full-length album together after that. Pepa eventually married Treach from Naughty by Nature, and they both pursued successful careers in the music industry.

What happened to herbie salt n pepa

While it’s unclear exactly why Herbie Azor left the group, most people speculate that he had creative differences and disagreements with the other members about where their music was going and who should be in charge of their career decisions. After leaving the group, he started his own management and production company, Idol Makers Management and Idol Makers Films.

Azor continues to work in the music industry, creating new scores and looking for new talents. He was recently seen as a judge on the popular Haitian talent show, Dogicel of Stars.


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