What Happened to Hollyhock?

July 12, 2023

BoJack is in a funk after being confronted by Sarah Lynn about her death. He’s feeling a lot of guilt and needs to get away. He decides to take Hollyhock with him. She isn’t happy about this but she’s a good person and wants to help him.

They drive to a nursing home that is the same one his mother is in. When they arrive, they meet a woman who tells them that his mother doesn’t recognize her. Hollyhock questions this, pointing out that she was verbally abusive to him as a child, a major contributor to his screw-ups.

She reveals to BoJack that she has a form for his mother to fill out so they can meet her, but she hasn’t done it yet. She also points out that she’s gotten fidgety lately like there are bugs crawling under her skin. She tries to help him out by having Tina bring her a baby horse doll, which his mother loves.

During their visit, she gets upset when he calls her a “dorky seventeen-year-old.” She tells him that she is an amazing woman and to never settle for someone who doesn’t think so. He replies that he agrees with her and that she is beautiful.

On their way back to his house, he asks her what she’s watching. She reveals that she’s organizing all the loose change she found in his house into alphabetical order by year. He apologizes for his earlier attitude and she says that she’s not a kid anymore.


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