What Happened to Ian From Xtreme Off Road?

September 9, 2023

What happened to ian from xtreme off road

Ian left his teaching position to launch Xtreme 4x4, the first serious off-road how-to show to hit the air. It quickly became the highest-rated show on Powerblock TV. For 14 years, Ian served as host and sole on-site builder for the series. He also acted as technical producer, planning and writing episodes. Ian is currently the host of MotorTrendTV’s FourWheeler and runs his own automotive digital production company called Digital Lug.

He and his wife, who is a high school shop teacher, have two daughters and a son.

During his time at a GM dealership, Ian mentored multiple apprentices and co-op students and helped to develop the high school automotive and welding program into one that is fully integrated with custom fabrication – including off-road tube buggies.

In an unexplainable accident, Jessi Combs was folded in half by a piece of machinery at the studio and burst her spine’s L3. She should have been wheelchair bound for life. But after surgery, bed rest, therapy, eight months and a lot of faith, she made it through and decided to pursue her passion for off-road racing. Jessi worked tirelessly to encourage women to follow their dreams and be the next trailblazer, and Ian is proud to continue this work through the Jessi Combs Foundation.

Ian and a coast-to-coast crew of auto techs transform a viewer’s beat up TJ into a tough dual-purpose rig! They fab up stainless exhaust, add a rollcage and high-tech axle assemblies. Later, they rip around a rock crawler course in West Sacramento, California and prove their new buggy can do it all!


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