What Happened to Isaac in Teen Wolf

October 8, 2023

Isaac Lahey was a beloved Teen Wolf character, and his story is one of the most touching on the show. He began the season as a neophyte werewolf who was being hunted by Alphas and the Kanima, but found a sense of community when he joined Derek’s pack. His traumatic past left him with a deep need for control, and he struggled to overcome his feelings of powerlessness. However, his transformation into a werewolf provided him with the courage and confidence he needed to take control of his life.

In the mid-season finale, he helped Allison Argent and Stiles find their parents by performing a dangerous druid ritual. Later, he was chosen to be Scott McCall’s tether after learning that he is a True Alpha. However, he soon became fed up with Derek’s desire for power and the deaths of Erica and Boyd, leading him to reject his Alpha status and join Scott’s Pack instead.

During lacrosse practice at school, he senses another werewolf in the locker room and spends the duration of the game smelling players to determine who it is. He tries to tell Coach Finstock, but he is told that he won’t be needed for the game as they already have enough players. Afterward, Isaac is asked to restock the janitor’s closet with supplies, but he refuses, claiming that he’s claustrophobic from his experience in it with the kanima.


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