What Happened to IShowSpeed?

March 23, 2024

Darren Watkins Jr, known by his online alias ishowspeed, is an American YouTuber, streamer, singer, rapper, and internet personality with millions of fans worldwide. He is best known for his variety live streams, in which he plays video games like Roblox, FIFA, and Fortnite while making humorous comments, but has also been involved in several controversies such as aggressive behavior during TikTok streams and harassing another streamer on Twitch which ultimately led to him getting banned from the platform.

The star shocked his fans last week when he posted a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘I might die bye’, in which he said that he was suffering from a severe headache. He explained that the pain was so intense that it felt as if someone was stabbing him in the head with a knife. The channel went on to reveal that he was in Japan at the time and was currently being treated in hospital for what is believed to be cluster headaches, a rare condition characterized by sudden and excruciating attacks of pain around the eye.

Fans of the star have been sending him their well-wishes and updates on Twitter and YouTube, and it seems as though Speed is slowly improving. On August 6, a fan account titled Speedy Updates shared a photo of the influencer with a healed eye and a note saying that he is “looking 10x better”. His friend and editor Slipper has also confirmed this news on Twitter, adding: “just got off phone with him he was feeling better and doctors are hoping to take him off antibiotics soon.” This latest health update has certainly made IShowSpeed’s fans happy, as they are eager to see him return to streaming once again.


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