What Happened to Jake Anderson's Dad?

July 30, 2023

Jake Anderson from the Discovery Channel’s crab-fishing reality series Deadliest Catch has had to endure some major tragedies during his career. First, his sister Chelsea died while filming in the season five finale, and then his father disappeared.

Keith Anderson, a retired high school guidance counselor, vanished in January of 2010 while traveling to Snohomish County. His cell phone was found in a mud puddle not far from his home and his truck was discovered two weeks later on a remote logging road, but there were no other signs of the man that Jake loved so much.

In June of 2012, a hiker came across what they thought were human remains in a remote area of Skagit County. The hiker called police, who sent in cadaver dogs to search the area. The remains were ultimately determined to be those of Jake’s father, but the case remained open.

The disappearance of Keith Anderson still haunts Jake to this day. He feels as though something sinister happened to his father, who was so loving to his late sister and instilled in him the family’s proud Norwegian heritage. During an expedition in Norway seen on this season of the show, Jake felt more connected to his father and was finally able to track down long-lost relatives who knew Keith when he was healthy and happy. That’s when the realization that his dad may have been involved in a sinister conspiracy started to sink in for Jake.


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