What Happened to Jake Lloyd?

October 11, 2023

The saga of jake lloyd, who played the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, is one of the most unfortunate reminders that child stars are often subject to a lot of scrutiny and abuse. Lloyd went on to retire from acting after appearing in the ill-received first prequel, and hasn't been in the public eye since. In recent years, he's spoken out about the toll that fame took on his mental health and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Then, in March 2015, he was involved in an alleged assault at his mother's house. His mother told police that he had been verbally abusive and violent, but didn't press charges because she believed he was not on his medication at the time. He was arrested for reckless driving and driving without a license, but was eventually moved from jail to a psychiatric facility.

His mother has since released a statement to Geek News Now in 2020, saying that she's proud of her son for his bravery in speaking out about his struggles. She also reveals that he was recently moved to a facility closer to home and has been officially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The symptom anosognosia, which means that the person doesn't recognize their symptoms, has added to his struggle. It is a very sad story, but it's a reminder that children who find sudden stardom are still vulnerable and should receive proper treatment. The world needs more heroes like this boy who stood up against his bullies and made a positive difference in the lives of others.


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