What Happened to JD McCoy in Season 5?

March 7, 2023

what happened to jd mccoy

What happened to jd mccoy?

A lot has been said about what happened to jd mccoy in Season 5, but it really depends on how you look at it. Some fans were very happy with how he was written, and felt that his character arc was completed, while others were disappointed that he was not given more screen time.

His parents (Joe McCoy and Katie)

Joe, a controlling father who attempts to bribe Coach Taylor into starting JD as quarterback. He is not a good fit for the team, and he has trouble relating to his older teammates who do not share his straight-laced habits.

His mother, Katie

Her personality is less controlling than Joe's, and she wants her son to focus on other things outside of football. She approves of Madison Balman's relationship with JD in Season 3, but is less supportive in Season 4. In the season finale, she antagonizes Tami when she transfers Luke Cafferty to East Dillon High.

His personal coach, Wade Aikmen

The head coach of the Dillon Panthers and a mentor to JD. He replaces Mac McGill temporarily after he suffers a heart attack. He was also a main antagonist of the first three seasons, but he became a secondary antagonist in Season 5.

His girlfriends

At the school dance in Season 4, he has a girl named Lyla who is very pretty and attractive. However, he is not seen in the series again after that, and it is unclear whether or not he has a girlfriend in Season 5 as well.


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