What Happened to Jeff Lutz?

July 29, 2023

Jeff Lutz was a regular on the popular Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws. His impressive fabrication skills and knowledge of all things horsepower made him a natural fit for the series, where he drove a 1969 Pro Mod Camaro known as Mad Max. He was also a frequent participant in Drag Week races. He would meet expert drivers like Shawn Ellington and Justin Shearer at these events, and they’d often invite him to race with their crew.

His success on the tracks and on television helped him amass a considerable amount of cash. He was able to invest some of that money into his own business. The auto shop he runs, which goes by the name of Lutz Racecars, specializes in building and upgrading cars for racing purposes. It seems to be doing quite well, as he has a two-year waiting list of customers.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Jeff is married to Christine. The couple has one daughter. It’s unclear when they first met, but they’ve been together for decades.

Recently, Jeff’s 1957 Chevy got destroyed in a crash. Photos of the wreckage have been circulating on social media, and they’re pretty devastating. But the good news is that Jeff was unhurt in the accident.

Despite the car being totaled, he plans to rebuild it. It’s not clear whether he’ll use it on the next season of Street Outlaws, or if he’ll build something completely new.


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