What Happened to Jennifer Hudson's Family?

February 2, 2024

Jennifer Hudson’s life was humming along quite nicely in the fall of 2008. She was fresh off her Oscar win for Dreamgirls, and her career was booming. She was also very close to her mother and her seven-year-old nephew, Julian King.

So when she didn’t hear from her mother-in-law in the late morning of October 24, 2008, it was a cause for alarm. She sent a text and received no response. That would be the last time she saw her family alive.

A few hours later, Julia Hudson returned home from work to find her home riddled with bullet holes and her young son missing. She rushed out the front door and called 911, pleading with someone to find her brother and son. Three days later, her body was found and Julian was nowhere to be found.

During the trial, Julia testified that she believes her former brother-in-law killed her family members in a jealous rage because he believed that she was seeing someone else. Prosecutors believe that he became enraged by a set of balloons that he saw outside the family’s Chicago home that were sent from her new boyfriend.

Balfour was convicted of all three murder charges in 2012 and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. He maintained his innocence throughout the process. Today, the EGOT winner talks openly about her grief and recovery from losing her family in one of the most horrific celebrity tragedies of recent years.


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