What Happened to Jerma and Star_?

July 29, 2023

Jerma and star_ were a duo that often appeared together in tf2 videos. Fans loved them because they bicker a lot and have a great combination. Jerma was the butt monkey of the jokes, while star_ was a bit more of a sidekick. They played TF2 and GTA IV but also did a lot of other things as well.

They are both very talented at blurring the line between what's real and what's not. They also tend to take themselves quite seriously at times. The end result is a comedy that can be both entertaining and somewhat disturbing at the same time.

For example, during a Dollhouse stream they tormented Jerma with various actions such as forcing him to do push ups until he passed out, making him shower in front of strangers and making him wear an ugly hat and glasses for no reason. The trolls were relentless and it made Jerma feel miserable.

On another occasion, Jerma hired a crew and geologist for an archaeology stream. He claimed it was for science but really it was a charade to find Grandpa's treasure chest full of valuable rocks that he could sell for cash.

He even got a police officer to chase him on foot after he took off his hat and sassy glasses while driving a car and called the cops on him. The police were able to track his location thanks to his livestream and arrested him near Fifth and Turner.


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