What Happened to Jess on in the Dark?

July 12, 2023

Throughout season 3 of In the Dark, Murphy has been searching for her roommate and best friend, Jess. She's gone to extreme lengths to find her, even confronting a homicidal drug dealer on a hunch. Episode 12 finally delivered on the lingering mystery of what happened to jess on in the dark, and it wasn't what fans were expecting.

It turns out that Jess is alive, and she's not thrilled about it. Jess faked her death a while ago, and now she's living as a veterinarian in a Guiding Hope pet store. But she isn't happy to find out that Murphy is still looking for her.

In the Dark is a crime drama created by Corinne Kingsbury, and it stars Perry Mattfeld, Brooke Markham, Casey Deidrick, Morgan Krantz, and Keston John. The show follows a blind woman named Murphy who balances love interests, murder cases, and drug runs on a regular basis.

Why Wasn't Jess In New Girl This Year?

New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether considered different plotlines for explaining Jess' absence in season 5. One was that she was on jury duty, while another involved her going to Oregon to be with her family. But ultimately, the show decided to move on without her.

Despite her absence, New Girl fans are pleased with the way that the show moved on. The writers did a good job of filling her role, and it was nice to see Reagan get more of an arc this year.


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