What Happened To Jesse From NELK?

March 7, 2023

what happened to jesse from nelk

NELK fans are especially missing Jesse from their videos these days after his disappearance during 2020.

When NELK uploaded their latest video this week, fans were quick to notice that he wasn’t there. Many people on Twitter couldn’t help but wonder what happened to jesse from nelk and whether he was gone forever.

The Canadian YouTube group got its start in pranks and jokes on the internet, but they became known for their edgy, controversial, and sometimes downright dangerous content. In their early years, they faced constant problems with YouTube who would age-restrict and demonetize their videos on seemingly arbitrary basis.

Their rabid fan base helped them survive and thrive in this environment by selling their own merchandise items which made up about half of their revenue. Their unique strategy of doing merch drops about five times per year and never re-releasing any of their items in future merch drops allowed them to sell out quickly each time and charge continuously more expensive prices as they continued to grow in popularity.

Eventually, the boys started making a name for themselves as lifestyle brand entrepreneurs. This was a huge turning point for them as they realized that their prank channel wasn’t enough to keep them financially healthy.

As a result, the Full Send brand was born and the guys began selling sweaters, tees, stickers, and other items that encapsulated their wild and wacky style of life. They embraced their newfound fame and the success they were experiencing online and grew their business even more.


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