What Happened to Jesse McCartney?

October 11, 2023

When Jesse McCartney first hit the scene with his mop of mousey blonde hair, every straight teenage girl and gay boy closed their eyes at night dreaming of a future with him. He was the one everybody wanted, and he even went on to release a few hit records that were as good as they got when it came to teen pop stars of the '00s.

But then, he just disappeared. And that's what has fans so curious about what happened to jesse mccartney — was it an unexplained personal struggle, a major shift in artistic direction, or some sort of obliterated scandal?

As it turns out, the formerly adorably squeaky clean singer was simply taking a little hiatus from the limelight. And now that he's back, it's clear he's doing just fine.

He's got a new record out, "New Stage," which is pretty much a collection of breezy love songs about his fiancee, Katie Peterson. The two met in 2012, and they're clearly head over heels — they even put together a cute save-the-date video that was released last month.

Outside of his musical ventures, McCartney has also gotten into acting, with a few recurring roles on shows like Summerland and a starring role in the indie film Chernobyl Diaries. He's also been a regular voice actor, voicing the character of Theodore in the Alvin and the Chipmunks films, and a character called Terence in several animated Tinker Bell movies.


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