What Happened to Jidion?

July 29, 2023

Jidion has been in the spotlight for his viral prank videos on YouTube with a massive following and subscriber count. However, his most recent prank video has gotten him into trouble. The YouTuber claims that he was evicted from his apartment due to a controversial incident that involved a basketball game and he can’t compete in the upcoming Sidemen Charity football match because his belongings were thrown out during the eviction.

Jidon Adams, better known by his online pseudonym JiDion, is an American influencer and YouTuber who is well-known for his vlogs and prank videos on multiple platforms. He has often found himself in hot water for his controversial actions online and he was permanently banned from Twitch in January 2022 after encouraging his viewers to harass another streamer, Pokimane, by launching a hate raid on her.

Despite the ban, JiDion has not given up on his quest to push boundaries and has continued to make videos that are entertaining to his audience. He has also reportedly been collaborating with NBA players like Karl Anthony Towns and Kevin Garnett to speed up the process of getting his ban lifted.

In one of his most recent prank videos, he was seen pretending to get a haircut during a college lecture and it had over six million views on YouTube. Another video of him taking a bath while streaming his stream also went viral and clocked in over a million views. However, it seems that he might have crossed the line this time and his behavior could eventually lead to him being arrested and jailed.


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