What Happened to Jim Gearhart?

September 9, 2023

The radio pioneer brings his acerbic wit back to New Jersey 101.5 with a weekly podcast and live show. Jim Gearhart says politics are up to the same old dirty tricks and “political chicanery” as ever in the Garden State.

Getting back to basics in the mornings on NJ 101.5 FM has been an easy task for Bill Spadea since he took over from legendary host jim gearhart in 2015. Gearhart, known for his wit and humor, is still a big part of the mix on the station that calls itself “New Jersey’s Best Music.” But there are some differences as he continues to shift the focus of the program from the headlines to the nuts and bolts of everyday New Jersey life.

One of those differences is his distaste for the teachers union. He’s not shy about calling the NJ Education Association (NJEA) what it really is – the New Jersey Extortion Association. He regularly uses the phrase while referring to schools as ratholes where teachers make their living. He also likes to point out that the NJEA isn’t interested in students – just the money they can squeeze from taxpayers.

As for the property tax issue, Gearhart marvels that people keep voting for politicians who raise their taxes even as they’re forced to sell or rent their homes. He thinks a property tax revolt is inevitable and could be spurred by the upcoming spike in health insurance costs caused by Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a sponsor of his business reports that are broadcast in the mornings on NJ 101.5 and which administers state employees’ benefits.


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