What Happened to Jimmy's Wife on NCIS

April 1, 2024

NCIS fans have had to say goodbye to a lot of different characters over the years, but one recent loss hit especially hard. The sweet relationship between medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and his wife, Breena, ended in an extremely heartbreaking episode.

In the episode, Breena tries to get Jimmy to open his eyes as they relax in a field. Jimmy can’t do it and she soon realizes that he has lost consciousness after breathing in a deadly biotoxin.

Breena was a relatively new character to the show, first appearing in Season 9 and later becoming pregnant with their daughter Victoria. Though she didn’t appear in a lot of episodes, her presence was felt throughout the series as Jimmy constantly referenced her and her work with him and his team. She was a dedicated employee and a loving wife, so her death was devastating to all involved.

Despite being a part of a team of professionals, it was surprisingly easy for fans to feel a connection to the character. Even though the episode didn’t reveal exactly how she died, it was obvious that her health had taken a turn for the worst and it wasn’t long before she was pronounced dead.

It was a touching episode and it was nice to see all of the team members come together to support each other through such an emotional time. It is also nice to see Jimmy start to heal and move out of the denial stage that he was in after losing his wife.


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