What Happened to Joana Ceddia?

March 25, 2024

Joana Ceddia rose to fame with her quirky brand of YouTube videos, targeting teen audiences. Her vlogs exhibited the down-to-earth lovable chaos that Gen Z craves, and she quickly acquired millions of subscribers and a spot at VidCon. Whether she was oil painting the Mona Lisa or aggressively imitating an iconic feud from Dance Moms, her impulsive behavior and goofy personality made viewers fall in love with her.

Her videos evoked Old YouTube, the chaotic playground that existed before creators began performing relatability like dancers in a professional ballet. Her grainy iPhone footage was paired with an amateur-sounding $4 microphone bought at the convenience store, and she often wore socks and slides when narrating her clips. Her videos also lacked the polished perfection of most other YouTubers, and she refused to play into the “trendy” aesthetic that has become commonplace.

Despite the chaos, she did make time to document her day-to-day activities and genuinely care about her audience. For example, she was open about her struggles with eczema and shared tips for managing the chronic skin condition. She also emphasized the importance of mental wellness and encouraged her followers to practice self-care.

Now, a few months after securing her spot at VidCon and reaching over two million subscribers on YouTube, Joana has decided to take a break from the platform. According to her announcement, she is going back to college, and will be studying physics and astronomy. Joana hasn’t revealed where she will attend, but it is safe to say that she won’t be making YouTube videos full-time anymore.


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