What Happened To Josh From Moonshiners? The Discovery Reality Star Has Been Hospitalized

November 20, 2023

What Happened To Josh From Moonshiners: The Discovery Reality Star Has Been Hospitalized

When news of the accident broke, fans of the show were alarmed and saddened. Owens had developed a sizable following thanks to his charismatic presence on the show and his contributions as a cast member.

In a video posted from the hospital, the celebrity gave fans an update on his condition for the first time since the accident. While he admits that he is barely hanging on, he remains optimistic about making a full recovery. In the video, he also displayed a wound that had 50 staples in it and a sizable scar.

He was born in Columbus, North Carolina on August 28, 1977 to Jim Tom Hedrick and has been a cast member of the show since 2012. The reality show stars people from Franklin County who produce illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains without getting caught by local authorities.

According to the website, people are able to legally distill alcohol in five states as long as they have the proper permits and pay taxes. The production crew for the show travels to different locations to film episodes of the dramatized docuseries.

This is not the first time that Owens has been hospitalized for an injury. In late 2021, he tore his rotator cuff and broke his left collarbone, shoulder blade, and ribs after his antique motorcycle crashed due to a flat tire. Despite the injury, he intends to continue working on the show.


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