What Happened to Josh on Moonshiners 2021?

September 10, 2023

Josh Owens is an American reality television star who became famous and successful after starring in the hit show Moonshiners. He came to fame because of his unique family background as his father was a well-known moonshiner. Josh is also a former professional motorcycle racer and has won the state championship of North Carolina not once but twice in 2003 and 2004. The man is crazy about his bikes and often shares thrilling experiences on social media with his followers. He worked as an auto mechanic before becoming a TV star and owns a construction business too.

Recently, he was in a serious accident and it is unclear what caused it. The news went viral on the internet and fans are eager to know his condition. He has been hospitalized after the accident and fans are praying for him.

Despite the accident, the actor is trying to stay positive and has been thanking his fans for their love and prayers. He also posted a picture with his daughter and wrote how it changed his life forever. He said he loves his little one so much and cannot believe she is 12 years old now!

Another Moonshiners cast member Tim Smith also took to social media to give his fans an update on the situation. He mentioned that he talked to some people who talked to the actor’s family members and they informed him that he is not out of the woods yet but is getting better.


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