What Happened to Judith in the Walking Dead?

March 26, 2024

A lot of fans have been wondering what happened to judith in the walking dead. For those who are new to the show, Judith is the daughter of Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes, who died while giving birth to her in season 1. Judith was adopted by Michonne and cared for as if she were her own child. She has grown up in an environment of love and protection, and she is a very mature young girl.

Throughout the years, she has developed a strong bond with her brother Carl (Chandler Riggs). She is able to protect others from harm, including putting herself in danger, such as when she tries to save a group of people from walkers. She is also very skilled with weapons, such as guns and katanas. This is likely due to being taught by Michonne.

As the series has progressed, Judith has become an integral part of the team at Alexandria. She has been a voice of reason and wisdom, often making wisecracks that have helped the survivors survive in this harsh post-apocalyptic world. She is also a very capable survivor, as shown when she and the group take on a group of Whisperers.

In the most recent episode, Judith accompanied Michonne and the other survivors on a journey to Oceanside. As they were traveling, a walker tried to attack them but was subdued by Carol. Judith listened in on their conversation and learned that the man they were trying to help was from Terminus. Despite knowing that it would be dangerous, she agreed to go with them.


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