What Happened to Justin Peters?

April 3, 2024

Justin Peters was a man who was the light of any room. He was an avid reader and was always willing to help a friend in need. Justin will be missed by all that knew him. He is survived by his father Jarrod and significant other Cassandra Pickering; brother, Devin Peters; sister, Jaime Morneau; cousins, extended family members and friends too numerous to name; two dogs, Tucker and Scout; and many others who knew him well.

He was a renowned preacher and Bible teacher, best known for his discernment ministry exposing the Word of Faith movement. He is also an expert modern church historian and a cessationist, which means he believes that sign gifts such as speaking in tongues ceased at the close of the apostolic age and have only been revived by false teachers in the charismatic movement.

Peters is a man of biblical meekness and peace, but he is firm in gospel convictions and aflame with a passion to see the lost saved. He is committed to expository preaching, which involves verse by verse explanation of the biblical text. He is also the author of Clouds Without Water, a seminar which educates the church on the origins, growth and metastasization of the Word of Faith heresy.

He is a worldwide evangelist, committed not only to the inerrancy of scripture but also to its sufficiency. He preaches a message of the power of God's Word to transform lives and heal disease. He is the founder and president of Justin Peters Ministries and is an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Kathy, live near Sandpoint, Idaho.


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