What Happened to Kali in Stranger Things Season 4?

October 13, 2023

What Happened to Kali in Stranger Things

As we all know, Stranger Things is a series that’s filled with a variety of supernatural abilities. But if you’re like many fans, the most intriguing character by far was Kali Prasad aka Eight. Known as one of the Hawkins Lab kids with special powers, the British Indian girl managed to escape before Henry Creel’s or One’s massacre and used her various talents to get revenge.

The Duffer Brothers have given us quite a bit of backstory about Kali and her past, but it was mostly in season 2 and episode 7 titled “The Lost Sister.” Kali/008 is the leader of a gang of outcasts that includes Axel, Mick, Funshine, and Dottie. They all use their abilities to get revenge on people from the lab who wronged them. In order to do so, Kali has the ability to conjure lifelike visions of spiders, make herself and her gang invisible, and even manipulate the mind to hallucinate.

Then, in the end of season 2, when Kali and Eleven finally reunited, it seemed as though that was all we were going to get from her. It’s unclear why she didn’t appear in season 4, but some fans have speculated that it might be because Linnea Berthelsen, the actress who plays her, decided to take a break from acting.


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