What Happened to Karen on Your Mom Your Dad?

September 10, 2023

Karen Larrea was the sweetest and most devoted single mother on the show. Her and Bruce's three kids, Breanna, Emily, and Giana were her world. She would do anything for them. She even sold her home to be able to care for the children she loves so much. She and her family are a true inspiration and blessing in the lives of many.

Karen's instant chemistry with Troy Petrick was undeniable on the first season of My Mom Your Dad. Even the kids - her daughter and his son - could feel it. However, Karen had to leave the show early and cited personal issues as her reason. In her confessional and farewell letter to Troy, she did say that it was heartbreaking for her to do so but that she had to take care of herself and her family.

Her departure put a damper on the whole season, especially since she and Troy had developed the deepest connection. Fans were concerned that she and Troy might end up together after the show. However, their reasons for leaving the show were private and that should remain so. Nonetheless, the two continue to follow each other on Instagram, which is a good sign that they still have a connection outside of the show.


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