What Happened to Kate and Andy on Life Below Zero?

September 8, 2023

Kate Rorke Bassich is a popular reality TV star who has made her mark in the Alaskan tundra by starring in Life Below Zero. The show is produced by National Geographic and showcases how people survive in the harshest of conditions. Kate starred in the show alongside her husband Andy until they decided to end their marriage in 2015. Since then, she has left the show and relocated to Canada where she now lives. She occasionally updates her fans about her new life on Facebook.

On the show, Kate and Andy appeared like a happy couple who were trying to make it in the wilderness. They lived in Calico Bluff, which is a small town located near Eagle town. They ran a survival school and owned 25 sled dogs. The two seemed to get along well and Kate was a strong woman who could hold her own in the wilderness. However, the crack in their relationship started to show when they appeared to fight over trivial things on the show.

Eventually, Andy’s behavior started to become abusive and Kate couldn’t take it anymore. She filed for separation in 2015 and her divorce was finalized the following year. She said that the divorce was necessary as she was not able to tolerate the abuse any longer.

Andy is an American carpenter who hails from Washington DC, USA. He was born on 25 January 1959 and is of White heritage. He did not attend college after matriculating from John F Kennedy High School and instead, started working as a carpenter to support his family.


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