What Happened to Kate Jackson?

September 10, 2023

What Happened to Kate Jackson

Born in 1948 to a business exec father and stay-at-home mom, it wouldn't be long before actress kate jackson would be whisked away from Alabama and on a journey that would see her land roles in cult hits. But it was a role in Charlie's Angels that would propel her into the limelight. The show made her a household name and girl boss for its three year run. She would also star on Bonanza and The Rookies during this time, along with filming the second Dark Shadows movie.

She would then go on to a series of made for TV horror movies, building a small following as a new Scream Queen. Throughout the late 80s she would continue to do television work and would even have a few whirlwind marriages before getting waylaid by heart surgery.

After her recovery from the procedure she would do some more starring in television films, but her career began to slow down as the 2000s rolled around. She would appear in a few more television guest spots but eventually decided to put her acting career to rest, ending it with a appearance on Criminal Minds.


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