What Happened to Kenna in Reign?

March 7, 2023

what happened to kenna in reign

What happened to kenna in reign?

Kenna was one of the fan-favourite characters on the CW series Reign. She was a complex and compelling character who had a strong story arc from season one to season two. She was a great addition to the cast and left a lasting impression on viewers.

The CW's Reign is an historical drama inspired by the life of Queen Mary. It focuses on the political and sexual intrigue that took place during her reign. The show may not have been entirely accurate for history buffs, but it still had its own twists and turns that kept it interesting.

What happened to kenna in season 2?

In season two of Reign, Kenna got married to King Henry II's brother Bash. She was forced to do so as a punishment for her son Sebastian's return to the castle.

After her wedding, Bash and Kenna had a very rocky marriage. Kenna was always angry with Bash, but she eventually grew to trust him again.

What happened to kenna and bash in monsters?

In the first season of Reign, Bash was a ruthless man who took advantage of his power. He had been in charge of a lot of the shady things at the castle. But once he started working with Kenna, she saw that he was a better person and loved him.

In season three, Bash and Kenna had gotten into a bit of trouble because of their relationship. They were rushed into a wedding, which caused them to break up. However, they eventually got back together and are now a happy couple. Kenna's and Bash's relationship continues to grow in season four.


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