What Happened to Kenny Veach?

October 11, 2023

What Happened to kenny veach

In November of 2014, 47-year-old hiker and YouTuber Kenny Veach disappeared after he set out to explore a mysterious cave in the Nevada desert. He had come across the cave shaped like a perfect M while on a previous hiking expedition near the Nellis Air Force Base, and after posting about it on his YouTube channel under the name'snakebitmcgee', he was urged by people to go back there and search it out again – only this time with proper gear and protection.

He promised to do just that, but was never seen again. He had a small following on his channel and was an experienced hiker who loved to investigate deserted places and abandoned mine shafts. He often went alone, though his girlfriend would join him occasionally. Despite his experience, he was reckless and tended to overestimate his own abilities. He didn't take important equipment like a GPS device or a compass when exploring new areas.

When he posted about the M cave on his YouTube page, Veach claimed that whenever he got close to it, his entire body started to vibrate and that feeling intensified as he got closer. Some believe the strange feelings he felt were due to classified military technology. Others suspect that he had stumbled upon some sort of government secret and that covert black ops took him out to prevent his discovery from becoming public knowledge. Other theories include that he fell down a mine shaft, died of heat exposure or was attacked by an animal.


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