What Happened to Kev Jumba?

July 30, 2023

Kev jumba is a famous YouTuber who hasn’t posted any videos since September 2013. His fans are wondering what happened to him. The answer is that he was involved in an accident and suffered from a near death experience. He has vowed to return to YouTube and pursue his passion.

KevJumba started his channel in 2006 and was an early pioneer of vlogging. He gained popularity for his humorous and relatable videos that centered around Asian American culture. His meandering stories and deadpan delivery captivated viewers. His irreverent take on stereotypes earned him millions of followers and led to collaborations with Jessica Alba and Jeremy Lin.

The YouTuber starred as himself in the 2012 film Hang Loose, which was not well received. He then reprised the role in the Martin Scorsese production Revenge of the Green Dragons with fellow actor Justin Chon. He also appeared in the 2015 comedy Man Up as Martin.

In May and June 2010, the creator of YouTube channel KevJumba participated in The Amazing Race with his father, Michael Wu. The pair placed third in Leg 2 and sixth in Leg 6. They were eliminated in Leg 7 after being issued two 30-minute penalties for using a cab instead of walking between tasks.

KevJumba has been very quiet about his personal life but recently shared a video on Instagram of him proposing to his girlfriend. This is a great example of how the YouTuber has found a way to overcome his tragedy and continue pursuing his dreams.


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