What Happened to Kevin Costner's Ear?

March 7, 2023

what happened to kevin costners ear

What happened to kevin costner's ear

In 2021, Twitter users began to notice that a portion of kevin costner's ear appeared odd. They wondered if this was a result of surgery.

But in the end, the rumors were proven to be fake and nothing was wrong with the actor. His latest appearance, featuring scars on the front and back of his head, is actually a makeup that he did for Criminal, an action film he shot in 2014.

Why are people worrying about what happened to kevin costner's left ear?

Many people are worried about what happened to kevin costner's Left Ear because of the distortion it seems to have. They believe that it is a result of his ear cancer or some other medical problem that he is undergoing.

The distortion was first noticed by fans of the neo-Western series Yellowstone, which has been running since 2018. In that show, he plays John Dutton, a cowboy who's suffering from colon cancer.

He is also missing a small piece of his left ear and has scars on the front and back of his scalp. It has also been rumored that he may have Parkinson's disease.

It has been a while since his fans have seen a new episode of Yellowstone, but they're already beginning to wonder what happened to kevin costner's right ear. As a matter of fact, his ear has been the source of all the rumor and speculation on social media. However, the rumors haven't been confirmed by Kevin himself and his supporters are concerned.


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