What Happened to Kevin Costner's Ear?

February 10, 2023

what happened to kevin costners ear

What happened to kevin costner's ear

The American actor Kevin Costner is one of the world's most popular movie stars. He has starred in many iconic movies such as The Untouchables and No Way Out. He also has two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Primetime Emmy Award to his credit.

Yellowstone - About The Show

Kevin Costner is the lead actor on the Western drama series Yellowstone, which airs on Paramount Network. His character, John Dutton, is a governor of Montana who faces unexpected challenges during his term.

He has been a fan of Spencer Tracy since he was a child, and that's likely the inspiration behind his raspy voice on the show.

What Is Wrong With His Left Ear?

During an episode of Yellowstone, fans of the show noticed that Kevin Costner's left ear had become twisted. They were concerned about this because they believed it showed that he was suffering from ear disease.

Did He Have Ear Surgery?

It's unclear what happened to his left ear, but there are a few theories about how it could have happened. Some believe that it was caused by a bad accident, while others think it's ear cancer.

Did Kevin Costner Have Surgery?

According to rumors, Kevin Costner had his left ear removed due to ear cancer. However, this was proven to be false, and he is still incredibly healthy.

How Much Does Kevin Costner Make?

As a result of his role on Yellowstone, Kevin Costner is paid a huge amount of money. The actor is making $1.3 million per episode.


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